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Condition monitoring with a personal touch

10 May 2013


Back in 2005 the maintenance department of the McBride plant in Middleton, Manchester decided they needed to become more proactive and cost effective with their approach.

McBride plc is the European provider of private label household and personal care products supplying over 95% of Europe's top 20 retailers.

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Condition Monitoring Division


Condition Monitoring is the corner stone of any proactive maintenance department looking to reduce breakdown and move away from fire fighting maintenance. By providing an early warning for your mechanical and electrical equipment Condition Monitoring will help you reduce downtime and running costs while improving plant efficiency.

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Featured Project

Condensate Recovery Pumping System

ondensate Recovery Pumping System CAD drawing

By using a condensate recovery system, the normally wasted energy in a steam system is recycled by recovering the condensate and returning back to the boiler hot well feed tank. Not only does it save energy in heating new water, it also reduces the cost of chemical dosing as the recovered condensate has already been treated...

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